Midweek 20/20 cricket

From Joe Smith

Below are the following teams sent through to apply for the piri piri 20/20 league 2012… 

There are some good sides their but also sides we have beaten and whom are in our division. 

We have until 12th December to submit an application….looking at these teams and the opportunity of some midweek cricket and increased income for the club. I think that we should change our decision and enter this competition… 

Bures are also very much interested in taking part perhaps we could call ourselves Earls Colne and Bures for this?  I really think we should look again at this 



Teams are

Elmstead GCC
Ardleigh CC
Wivenhoe Town CC
Springfield CC
Colchester & EE CC
Coggeshall CC
Great Bentley CC
Copford CC
Kelvedon CC
Wormingford CC
Frinton CC
Sudbury CC

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  1. I have said that I would play in such a team (fitness allowing) – I wonder if we have 11 players who can start a game at 6pm. Where do people work? As for EC and Bures didn't we burn our bridges rather?

  2. Summarising the responses to Joe's email about the midweek 20:20 side, I would say there are some issues to be sorted before going down this route:

    Who would lead the side & organise things? Some people are saying it is too much for Joe. Does Joe agree? Is there anybody else ready & willing? Would someone from Bures take it on?
    Is our player base big enough? Would it affect availability for weekend sides?
    Are we taking too much on, bearing in mind that we are doing new things with the colts & casuals side? Certainly, some people think so.
    If we go in as a franchise, how would kit expenses be covered? Need to find new sponsors?
    On the other hand there would be good potential for social events, fund raising etc

    We have about a week to make a decision.

  3. I personally think a twenty twenty team is an ok idea but would strongly advise that someone else organises this other than joe.. Maybe one of the bures players? Colin bocking?

    We need to get more people involved and joe will be busy enough. I think if someone else has responsibility we may get more players from outside club?

    Having said that due to the times of games its unlikely i will get to play much.. If we get whipped every game, it may affect peoples interest for sat / sun…

  4. I think as always Lee makes some excellent points regarding this issue. We are all agreed to look to further the club at every opportunity and I feel this can be done providing we balance and organise it well enough.
    I think a proper player base needs to be established as the teams listed are all very good teams.
    Also how would the franchise work and new coloured kit would be required?
    If we can make it into a good social event that will bring money in then it's worth a look. I agree with Lee though it won't be much fun if we are the whipping boys!
    So it's a maybe from me!

  5. Personally I think we need to look at our player base first ! do we have a
    minimum of 11 consistent players who are going to commit to midweek
    cricket? looking at the other teams they certainly have a bigger player
    base, are we saying we are going to have two weekend sides a colts team a
    midweek 20/20 team and a social side? I think less is more concentrate on
    what we can achieve and build on that for 2013.

  6. Having looked at the clubs involved i think the league will be of a very high standard and most if not all the clubs run three teams already. I think we need to have our weekend sides at full strenght before we play midweek cricket Lee makes a good point about players loosing interest because of mid week fixtures.

    We also need to consider the amount of work this will make in preparing pitches we improved last year with a few extra bodies but the work was carried out in the main by the same people we have already increased their workload with colts pitches. We need people to play and also a the same people to committment for the ground at the same time.

    As for cost of equipment this will have to be paid by the players in my opinon.

    That said i will not play in any of the games due to the colts and coaching.

  7. Why stop at 20/20? Why not create a test team and tour the West Indies? Why not host a village World Cup? Why not submit EC as a potential test ground? Why not invite KALLIS and GAYLE to join as overseas stars for next year? We cannot even fill a tea rota, get people to help Terry do the pitch or support a club auction / quiz night…!!

    To get a team out on a wednesday evening at 6pm will be a very tough task. Last year we could not get 11 on a Saturday some weeks and with the introduction of Tony HAYNES team (good idea) are we not setting our sights slightly too high…??

    Also, the opporrtunity for fund raising events has been mentionned….In my opinion the auction was NOT a success and despite the hard work by a very small number of club members the turnout on the night was very disappointing. Who thinks a 20/20 midweek team will improve matters?

    I am not likely to play or participate in the organising of this team but cannot sit back and listen to nonsense about new players, franchises, sponsorships, fundraising etc etc… I want this club to grow and achieve our goals but lets see how the colts and friendly team develops first…

    PS If anyone is reading this who maybe interested in joining the Club don't let this put you off….!!

  8. Well said Lee.
    One step at a time.
    We are slightly better off than last year, but only slightly, and we need to consolidate the current plans. If there is a body of players that Joe is aware of that would be keen to play midweek, could we re-route them to the weekend sides where they are needed?

  9. Joe,

    I think the onus is on you to overcomne these concerns. At the moment, the consensus seems to be not to get involved.

  10. Just to satisfy my own curiousity, can all non commitee members add a line to this blog if and when they read current threads… It would be good to know who is actually showing an interest?

  11. Johnny Lee says
    I'm very concerned about where we are going to get funding for the floodlights!! Think of the electricity bills!
    I do think it's a good idea to have some overseas players though Lee, do you think Kallis would come and play?
    I think we have to be realistic and not get too carried away. If we do things in a methodical way, get a good cross section of players and consolidate our league positions, then we can look at entering teams into other competitions. We can't run before we can walk, I can't anyway

  12. I have read the thread and am showing an interest, Lee. Both arguments have merit and whatever is decided, the debate will have been healthy.

  13. Long time player, first time blogger.
    To Lee, I'm not sure your creating a 'Test team' idea is your best. Test cricket is an International competition played by independent nations. Sorry to pour negativity on your blue sky thinking I just don't think it will work. If we are going down the overseas player route I would like to suggest Mike Hussey. Not the batsmen he was, but very good in the gully, an area in which we are particularly weak.

  14. And another thing,

    To Joe, Don't let all this negativity hold you back. You keep shooting for the stars. Your enthusiasm and drive does you credit. If you think you get a competitive team out every wednesday, sort out the pitch, run the Saturday and Sunday team, make the teas and continue your high powered banking career, good luck to you. You go girl. Lee is trying to turn Earls Colne into an independent state, and they think you're crazy??? Damn it, Joe for President of our new principality. (although I am a nationalist at heart and wish all this foolish talk of independence would just blow over before someone gets hurt)

    If you are thinking about joining our club, stop reading blogs, get your whites on and come and have a bash. BUT, if you have any grand ideas about infiltrating our slip cordon, think again buster. GRICE, BALLS, HUSSEY. Need I say more.

    p.s. probably wouldn't be able play to mid-week. sorry Joe.

  15. Dan, thanks for your blog.. a couple of points I would like to reply to. First of all, I have twittered and facebooked Hussey and he would love to play for EC but can only play Sundays.. I have told him not to bother.

    Secondly, did you see Lee's diving gully catch against Harwich at home? He has made that position his own. As the best first team bowler of the year ( by a country mile), he will undoubtedly be openning the bowling this year which will free up that essential fielding position as Dave will want to protect his precious fingers. You don't see STEYN or KHAN in this position because they are too valuable to their team (also cos they refuse to play for Earls Colne)… I suggest you put SMITH there?

    As a result of the 2010 EC fielding award and EC 2011 bowling award I have heard from a reliable source that Liz HURLEY has split up with WARNE and is chasing PARISH… That should keep BALLS and Johnnie LEE going for another year..

    Who wants to go on tour next year? Tony HAYNES organising it…

  16. I would like to go on tour next year with Liz Hurley. Is Tony bringing a very large picnic basket or is the catering going to be done on site? Merry Christmas one and all, let's get it over with and get on with playing some cricket.

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