End of Season Ground Clearance

By Oliver Callaghan

A couple of weeks ago a huge amount of work was put into clearing the foliage that dominated the far side of the pitch. In the dense mass of leaves, stems and the occasional log, we found at least 3 toads a goal post and a derelict recreation sign that said, ‘Private Property No Dogs’!!!

The morning party consisting of Messers Smith Snr and Junior Callaghan Snr and Junior and Ben Mason all got stuck in, at least it gave Joe the chance to work off some frustrataion at the recent relegation news courtsey of the league.



The afternoon shift saw Dave Brooker coming in for the Smith party and Ben returning after the qucikest Sunday dinner ever. Enthusiasm was maintained and the ground at last started to look a lot better. This brought welcome comments from local residents who even contributed to our net fund after seeing our efforts and being told about our new net plan.




Without a digger to finish the job off tools were downed and a sense of satisfaction was clearly apparent. Many thanks to those that helped it wont be long before the benches, new storage area and hot tub will be in place for next season!!  

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  1. Well done to everyone involved. No more excuses now for anyone to slip off for a quick fag while the ball is recovered from the nettles. Jusr remember that there is an electric cable & water pipe running under the surface here – a point worth keeping in mind if you get a mechanical digger in. Hot tub, poolside bar etc should still be achievable however.

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