Colts News

October 2020

Winter training update…..

We’re looking into booking some sessions for Saturday afternoons at Gosfield School, starting early November, running through to mid-December.  The focus of these sessions will be hard ball batting and bowling.  Another option will be Halstead Leisure Centre. As things stand, COVID restrictions are a problem, but let’s see.  We may also be able to run some outdoor training sessions on the Rec Club all-weather surface, weather permitting.  Watch this space


Here’s a question to stump you…name six fielding positions (answers to me please)

Ideas for 2021….

We’re considering some different ideas for the 2021 cricket season – none of these are set in concrete yet and we would really appreciate your thoughts on these or other ideas:

  • We can run an All Stars programme for 5-8 year olds, for six weeks starting early June, finishing mid-July.  Have a look at the ECB website for information on All Stars cricket or talk to coach Bryan who knows how it works
  • We intend to run hard ball team (mixed boys and girls), entering a league and playing around half a dozen games
  • We now have a good group of girl cricketers and we could run a girls-only cricket team if there are enough numbers.  This wouldn’t necessarily mean separate training and also doesn’t mean that girls couldn’t play in a mixed boy/girl team.  This is something we would really like your feedback on


Q: Why was the tiny ghost asked to join the cricket team?
A: They needed a little team spirit