Rampant Rain Ruins Roughhouse Rematch

vs Stowupland (away 7th Aug ’21)

August had arrived and with it came dodgy weather, so when the skies over Colne were bucketing down @7am and forecast to continue for three hours whilst moving north in the direction of our planned match, we waited for the call to cancel from Stowupland.

Practical to the last, the oppo tried to get the game on, but by 11.00 they had to admit defeat and it was called off. Shame for all as we were looking forward to ‘The Umpire Strikes Back II’, but it means our average points stayed the same whilst nearest rivals Stowmarket improved theirs with a walloping of our next opponents, Woolpit.

That match on Sat 14th will be our last home league game of the season, so with the weather set fair from Tuesday onwards, let’s get behind the team as they look to all-but-confirm winning the title !

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