And then there were none…left

So unfortunately our last planned T25 / little bash was scuppered by the weather on Sunday 27th Sep, and with it went the Chairman’s hopes of improving his bowling economy from 36.00 downwards, as well as what would have been an entertaining batting line-up drawn from a hat – no doubt the Skipper had a spare #1 hidden up his sleeve !

A massive thanks to everyone who has been involved this odd season, to all our opposition, to all our spectators, and especially to our legendary ‘Head’ groundsman Terry Prestney.

Stay safe, follow the advice, and fingers crossed, we’ll have a full fixture card of league games in 2021 combined with many planned Sunday friendlies……and who knows, even the much-awaited electronic scoreboard might make an appearance !

As they’d say in Peckham, “mange tout, les fromages frais!”

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