Piri Piri league – season’s analysis

The Piri Piri league statistics for 2013 are in.


Joe Smith tops the Div 3 bowling with 31 wickets!.

Both Chintesh Patel and Ben Mason also feature in the ‘top bowlers’ section of Div 3.

In the Plate section no fewer than 4 bowlers feature in the top 10 bowling analyses – Oakers, Dan Grice, Colin Bocking and Joe Smith.

Oakers and Joe Smith also feature, in 2nd and 3rd place in the leading wicket takers’ section.

Chintesh Patel comes 2nd in the best batsman section with 143 runs


Full details here

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  1. Fascinating stuff for the anoraks like me….shows what outstanding depth we have in batting / ability to run each other out short (!) that we have no mention in the 100+ partnerships. I'm sure Harry C & myself / Chintesh & Russell D passed that minor milestone.

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