match conceded at Mildenhall

Sadly, and for the second time this season we have had to concede a match as we were unable to field a full side.  All members and friends of the club are asked to find any cricket players at all, that may wish to play.  The club has been docked 10 points as a result.  If we concede a third game, league rules require our expulsion, and the end of Saturday league cricket at Earls Colne.  The situation is grave and we urgently need ACTIVE recruitment by everyone, including you, dear reader.

Later correction and adition – these are the league rules, word for word………..

  • First occasion, £50 if Home club concedes, £75 if Away club concedes, 20 points awarded to non-offending club.
  • Second occasion, same as above plus 10 points deduction from offending club
  • Third occasion, same financial penalties plus 20 points deduction from offending club
  • Fourth occasion, same penalties as on first occasion plus offending team will not be accepted for entry into Two Counties for the following season.

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